We will sell for you.

We are an online jewelry reseller. We look for exceptionally good jewelry, preferably new but gently worn is acceptable. We sell to buyers who wish to purchase fine jewelry online knowing that they can get high quality, excellent customer service and extreme care handling their items.

We are also willing to help sell your jewelry that meets the criteria above. The jewelry should be of the kind that our customers would expect to buy. You can get a sense of that type by looking through our collection.

Shipping is included in our prices. We consolidate shipping to minimize the cost and to reduce the number of packages to be received by the customer. Of course, we package the items, whether single or multiple, to ensure their protection during shipping.

Consignment Policy

We will list your items through our website. You can choose to have them listed anonymously or to have your business name added as a vendor of the item.

Consignment shops usually take a percentage of the sale of each item. Often, this commonly can range from 30% to as much as 50%. Because we are online, our overhead is somewhat lower than brick-and-mortar stores. However, we still have expenses that must be covered. The consignment commission is described in the following table:

Price Sold                    Commission
0-999                             30%
1,000-4,999                 25%
5,000-10,000              20%
10,000+                        15%


Consignment Flat-fee  

We can list your items for a flat monthly fee. For the cost of the service you get the following:

  • Listed on our web pages. You can remain anonymous or have your business name published.
  • Availability to internet search engines. We will publish your item and tag it with appropriate search engine optimized tags to help it get found. We are part of Google Ad Words, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Access to Google Merchants through our membership. This makes your items available to potential buyers nationwide (and world-wide when we expand) at no additional cost to you.
  • Payment via credit card through our site and through our Paypal account. We reimburse you as soon as the payment is made into our accounts and after the return policy period expires.

Important Information – You must read and Agree to the following

  • You warrant that you are the rightful owner of the items you are submitting for consignment. You must own the right to convey and sell the items.
  • You must agree to our policies including those for shipping, returns and privacy. By consigning an item to us, you affirm that you have read and understood our shipping, return and privacy policies, and you agree to the terms of the consignment policy you choose.