Gemstones are one of natures treasures.  They exist in many varieties, textures and colors.  They are made from materials derived from minerals or from animal origins.  When cut and polished, they seem transformed into something magical and other-wordly.  People have marveled at the transcendental qualities of gemstones for millennia, sometimes ascribing supernatural powers to the stones.

It is not surprising, then, that people began to fashion the stones into forms that could be worn upon the body, thereby creating the first jewelry. These adornments were thought to help imbue the wearer with powers, to see the future, protect from harm, to be fertile and successful.  This made the stones very valuable and desirable.

We hope to bring some of the history, lore, and care information to you in the following pages.  To learn more about the gemstones we carry, about jewelry in general, or about appraising jewelry, click on the links below.

Gemstones -- Learn about the gemstones we carry. This section will discuss basic information about the stones, where they come from, how they have been and are now used, and how to care for the stones.

Jewelry -- Learn how jewelry is made and how to care for your jewelry.

GIA -- Learn about the history and role of the GIA and why this is such an important organization for the jewelry and gemstone industry as well as for each lover of fine jewelry.

Appraisals -- Learn about how appraisals are done and why they are important.  All our appraisals are provided by a GIA graduate gemologist.